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Accessories fillers, solvents, release agents, reinforcement materials

Adhesives since 1895, and still the choice of all branches of the U.S. military, major airlines and auto manufacturers in the world.

DVD's & Books Books and instructiopnal DVDs

Equipment Vacuming and pressure equipment

Fillers fillers, reinforcement materials, pigments, patina's, metal powders, texture molds.

Modeling Materials Modeling materials to sculpt, for prototyping, stage setting, special-effects, doll making, model building etc. e.g. Chavant plastiline, Sculpey polymer clay, Monster Clay, Castilene, wax & water clay.

Modelling Tools A wide selection of tools such as mixing and measuring equipment, Clay tools, turn tables, texture tools, Vacuum and pressure equipment etc.

Molding & Casting Products by group - such as Alginates, Silicones, Gypsums, Polyurethanes, Latex, Thermoplastics, Clays, Books & DVD's, Acrylics, Make-Up, Tools, Accesories, Reinforcement materials, Polyester, Release Agents, Gelatins and Kits

Pigments & Paints Paints, pigments, flock, fillers, metal powders etc. to color silicones, PU-resins, Pu-rubbers etc.

Sealer & Release the right sealer and release agent can be the difference between success and failure.

SFX Lab Special Effects

SFX On-Set Special Make-Up Products, Make-Up pallets, Liquids, Adhesives, Solvents, Blood-Slime & Dirt, On Skin Silicone's, Dental Products

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