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Viz "Penguin"

Viz "Penguin"

For the Dutch movie "Sterke Verhalen" modelmaker and special effects specialist Adrian Walton Smith and his company "Visible Issues" created this animatronic pinquin that superbably "acted" some key scenes in the movie. Adrian is a regular FormX customer of old times and a vivid supporter of the Smooth-On product line.

"Smooth-On makes it easy to work with exotic products like silicones and liquid plastics - they optimalized their products such that you are ensured of a flowless working procedure while achiving the right results" Adrian says.

The penquin for this project was modeled in Chavant NSP plastiline so that an extremely fine detail could be achieved. Than the model was disected in different parts for the mold making process. The molding was done with Body-Double silicone and Plasti-Paste was used for the mother molds. In these molds a core of Shell-Shock plastic was fabricated leaving a 6mm space to inject with pigmented Ecoflex 0030 for the actual final piece. This piece was finally painted with Psycho-Paint silicone paint medium and silc-pig pigments and than covered with a synthetic feather-like skin.

The result was a robotic pinquin that could not be distinquished from the real animal!
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