Speciale Make-up Effecten, Book

Have you ever looked at a movie and thought: “Wow! I wonder how they did THAT?”

Are you interested in makeup effects but can’t afford the time or money to attend a expensive make-up school?

Are you a make-up artist who wants to learn more about special make-up effects?

Then this is the book for you!

In this book make-up effects artist Lawrence Kelatow guides you to the world of special make-up effects and movie magic; in easy to take steps you’l learn both the basics as advanced techniques in creating hyper realistic wounds and new faces.

“Special Make-up Effects” is filled with almost 400 full color photographs detailing the following exciting techniques:

Out-of-the-kit” Effects
One-part silicone molds
Two-Part molds
… And much, much more

Wether you are new to make-up or a seasoned pro “Special Make-Up Effects” will teach you new techniques and is filled with hard to find information.


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