Masterclass DVD Vol. 1

Volume I: Over 3 hours of Special Effects lessons and demonstrations. Jordu Schell, creature designer on movies like X-Files, Men in Black and Starship Troopers gives you a lesson on sculpting a maquette. A lesson in Life..."casting", that is Veteran Effects artist, Kevin Yagher hosts this lesson on lifecasting using his most recent work on Mission Impossible 2 as an example. Then Mark Villalobos and Joe Castro of of State of the Art Effects demonstrate the procedure step by step. Vampire makeup lessonWe're tired of people showing up at Halloween parties with poorly applied vampire makeup. So the good folks at Makeup Designory decided to show you how it's done...THE RIGHT WAY! Sculpting lesson 2 Hollywood creature designer Jordu Schell is back to show us how to sculpt a 1:1 scale monster bust. Half Mask Lesson Creature Designer Jordu Schell is back to show you how to sculpt, mold, cast and airbrush a half mask! Fangs anyone? Effects artist Michael Pack shows us how to make dental appliances in this lesson.


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