Masterclass DVD Vol. 2

Volume II: Over 3 hours of Special Effects lessons and demonstrations. I've Been Shot! - The guys at Motion Picture F/X show you how to sculpt, mold, cast an entry and exit wound appliance in gelatin. Gunshot Wound Part II - This second half of the lesson shows you how to apply the two prosthetics. Prop Casting - HMS, famous for their work on numerous TV shows and movie shows you how to mold and cast a movie prop. The "Eyes" Have It - Creature Designer, Casey Love, demonstrates his custom painting techniques for human and alien eyes Pnuematics 101 - The Motion Picture F/X guys show you how to make a Haunted House standard, a head popping out of a garbage can! Zombie Makeup - Makeup Artist, Greg McDougal shows you how to make a realistic zombie using just greasepaint makeup...NO prosthetics!


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