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List of Accessories

Finishing & Fillers fillers, reinforcement materials, pigments, patina's, metal powders, texture molds.

Polyester Accessoires like mixing cups, spatula's, brushes etc.

Polyester Glass Fibre Reinforcement material to build thin, strong layers, matts, twill fabric, Multi-axial, Chopped Fibers, etc

PU-Additives & Accessoires Pigments, fluorescent colorants, accelerators, Adhesives, flexibilizer, etc.

Reinforcement for Gypsum & Cement Burlap and AR fibreglass

Release & Sealing Agents the right sealer and release agent can be the difference between success and failure.

Silicone Accesoires & Additives Various Silicon Products and Accessoires and additives

Silicone matting & straightener to adjust the shine of silicones or to smooth it down during curing.

Solvents & Thinners Solvents & thinners such as Novocs, acetone, isopropylalcohol, epoxy cleaner...