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Deadener LV /1kg

To soften without oil leaching use Deadener LV (Low Viscosity). Add Deadener to Part A prior to mixing with Part B. Deadener may be added at levels up to 300% of the total mixed weight of A + B.

Effects of Deadener LV on Platsil Gel 25

1A:1B:0D - Demold time = 1 hour. Shore Hardness A25
1A:1B:0.25D - Demold time = 0.5 hour. Shore Hardness A15
1A:1B:0.5D - Demold time = 0.5 hour. Shore Hardness A10 (0055)
1A:1B:1D - Demold time = 0.5 hour. Shore Hardness 0025 (00065)
1A:1B:2D - Demold time = 0.5 hour. Shore Hardness 00035

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Weight: 1 kg


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