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SAM 32 /300gr


Repair torn silicone fast. High strength paint base for silicone, latex foam, soft polyfoam, fabric. Fast Room Temperature Cure on exposure to air. Tack free time 12 minutes. Thin layers air cure in less than 1 hour. Full cure over night, optimum cure 72 hours.
●32 Shore A
Exotic cross-linkers enable functional cure in minutes. 1 Part. No catalyst to weigh out. Squeeze out of tube and SAM-32 air quickly cures to a rubber. Rapid build up of strength helps get damaged silicone repaired and back into service fast. Silicone animatronics, robots, dolls, artificial limbs, masks, molds. Superb paint base for all silicones, latex foam, soft poly foam, canvas, fabric. Color with SAM Silicone Pigments. Silicone Paint = Silicone Pigment + Silicone. Rubbery 32 Shore A.
Adheres to all silicones. Provides excellent adhesion to silicone, foam, fabric, metal, glass, plastics, porous surfaces. Added solvent or softener slows cure time. Warm moist air speeds cure time dramatically. A water spritz and warm hair drier can cure a layer of paint in under 5 minutes. Contains: aerospace grade Tin Cure Acetoxy Silicone. Keep tightly capped. Store in cool, dry place. Uncured product can irritate eyes and skin. Releases acetic acid (vinegar) as it cures.
Use with adequate ventilation. Keep out of reach of children.

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