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SAM finishing Powder 20 gram

S.A.M. SFP Silicone Finishing Powder cuts shine, provides dry slip and gives a unique finish that can make raw silicone feel more like skin than rubber. Use SFP as a finish for silicone prosthetics, appliances, special effects, dolls, puppets, animatronics, display, prototype and props. You might find other uses. Let us know! Unlike jagged talc and powders that are ground to size, SFP is made from skin-safe polymer and silica microspheres. With particles 1/3 the size of talcum powder, SFP is very sheer. A little goes a long way. It's synergistic blend of translucent skin-safe polymer microspheres provides a ball-bearing action enabling silicone to slide against itself and other materials with greater ease. Like a silicone hand sliding into a pocket or sleeve, clothes on a doll. A glide that remains until abraded off. SFP can be applied to deadened, gelled or tacky silicones and silicone rubbers to remove the sheen and stickiness without significantly changing appearance. SFP scatters light giving an HD friendly ?soft-focus' effect. A distinctly different look than standard powders and the dead matte of fumed silica (Cab-o-sil®, TS-100®). If it has too much ?glow' simply overpowder with face powder or fumed silica. Much of SFP's ball-bearing action will be retained. Care should be taken lighting with flash photography.

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