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ADM Tronics (Pros-Aide) acrylic water-based adhesive for bonding prosthetics to the skin and to create lasting colors.

Alcone Silicone Sculpting Material

Aves Studio leading in self-hardening epoxie putties, synthetic clays and maches of quality and performance.

Bdellium Makeup Brushes

BlueBirdFX Makeup palettes and products

Cellona plaster bandage products

Chavant since 1892 the finest name in modeling clay!

FormX our own brand of resins, rubbers, foams and FX goodies!

FuseFX silicone paints, pigments and kits - by Guy LouisXVI

Herbin Plasteline Clays

Laguna Clay and Plaster

MEL Products form Alan Apone's Make-up Effects Lab.

Monster Makers an extensive range of high quality foam-latex, Monster Clay, accesories and additives

Mouldlife on-skin silicones, pigments and medical adhesives

Neill "Neill's philoosophy: the very best quality products at the best possible prices. I’ve cherry picked the materials and products I use the most in my work, as I know they’re good quality products that deliver great results, and have brought them together in one place."

Prince August Metal casting products

De IJssel Epoxy adhesives & resin, polyester resin & putties, Double Coat.

P.T.M. on-skin silicones, pigments and medical adhesives

Premiere Products Skin Illustrator, glazing gels, Telesis & Super Solve

PS Composites Special Effects materials such as the ProGel 10 and Go Cast silicones

Reel Creations get reel with Reel Creation Palettes for skin and hair!

Rob Smith FX Specialty Theatrical Bloods

SAM (Silicone Art Materials) great silicone pigments, paints and additives for both tin and platinum silicone.

Sculpey Sculpey Polymer Clays

Smooth-On offers a variety of mold making supplies, urethane and silicone rubber, urethane and epoxy casting resins

Sugru Moldable Adhesive

Tenttoi Sculpture stands

US Gypsum Plaster and Gypsum materials

Vallejo Vallejo Paints

Varaform Thermoplastics sheets

WM Creations Stacolour palettes, Old age stipple & Spirit gum.

Worbla on-skin silicones, pigments and medical adhesives

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