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List of Accessories

Gypsum & Cement Additives Products to change and Enhance the quality of Gypsum


Gypsum & Cement Reinforcement Burlap and AR fibreglass

Latex Additives


Polyester Accessoires like mixing cups, spatula's, brushes etc.

Polyester Glass Fibre Reinforcement material to build thin, strong layers, matts, twill fabric, Multi-axial, Chopped Fibers, etc

PU-Additives & Accessoires Pigments, fluorescent colorants, accelerators, Adhesives, flexibilizer, etc.

Silicone Accesoires & Additives Various Silicon Products and Accessoires and additives

Silicone matting & straightener to adjust the shine of silicones or to smooth it down during curing.

Solvents & Thinners Solvents & thinners such as Novocs, acetone, isopropylalcohol, epoxy cleaner...

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