Materials for restoration of ornaments and buildings both inside and out.

Products for restoration

AcrylCast a mineral and polymer based AcrylCast molding and casting system is strong and economical.

Brush-On 35 Strong, durable, easy to mix, quick to work with -- practically no shrinkage !

Gypsum & Plaster a wide range of qualities and quantities in Bags and buckets.

IJssel Polyester System Epoxy resin and adhesives for bonding, laminating and preservation of various materials. Free of solvents

Jute Reinforcement Burlap and AR fibreglass

Latex Rubber brush or cast on or in a form or mold. Make molds, masks, dolls etc. Paint with latex colorants.

MoldMax Stroke MoldMax Stroke

Plasti Paste fiber-filled resin for vertical surfaces. For mother molds, support shells and laminating.

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