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Aves Studio - Apoxie Clays and Machees

Aves' Studio, leading in epoxie putties and modeling clay's

The Aves Apoxy Sculpt and Aves Apoxy Clay (epoxybased) have a straightforward 1 on 1 mixing ratio and are user-friendly, odorless and have a longworking time. Apoxie Clay is slightly harder and available in two colors (natural and white). Apoxie Sculpt is available in 12 different colors. Apoxie Fixit is more appropriate for repair-purposes because of it’s heat tolorance and strenght, it is available in 4 colors.

Aves Maché and Aves Master Maché are shrink-free papier maché-products to which you only have to add water. Aves Critter Clay is a ready-to-use selfhardening waterbasedclay with a extremely low shrinkage.

Aves Studio products

Aves Apoxie Clay self-hardening, synthetic clay. that combines features of sculpting clay and epoxies.

Aves Apoxie Sculpt two component material that cure at room temperature to tough and durable object.

Aves Fixit & Fixit Sculpt great for uses that require all of the features of our FIXIT plus exceptional sculpting qualities.

Aves Critter Clay the choice of taxidermists & professionals because of its great detail, fine texture and low shrinkage.

Paper Maché this fine textured maché has a white body, is lightweight, strong and very versatile.

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