Epoxy Products

Epoxy laminating resins, casting resins, epoxy though (putty), adhesives etc.

Epoxy Products

Epoxy Casting Resins llow, cost and versatile, casting epoxies. Featuring a low viscosity for minimal bubble entrapment.

Epoxy Laminating Resins low viscosity, odorless and cures at room temperature.

Epoxy Putties doughs are suitable for industrial and art-related applications. A unique low-odor, low shrinkage putty.

Epoxy Coatings for laminating by hand. They cure at room temperature and have exceptional abrasion resistance.

IJssel Epoxy System resins and adhesives for bonding, laminating and preservation of various materials. Free of solvents

XTC-3D liquid coating designed for 3D printed parts. Coats and protects many surfaces!

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