Molding & Casting

Molding & Casting

Product groups - such as Alginates, Silicones, Gypsums, Polyurethanes, Latex, Thermoplastics, Clays, Books & DVD's, Acrylics, Make-Up, Tools, Accesories, Reinforcement materials, Polyester, Release Agents, Gelatins and Kits


Alginates reproducing of the human body, lifecasting and more. FormX has an extensive range of alginates.

Silicones for mold-making, casting, special effects, encapsulation etc. Both platinum cured and tin cured.

PU-Rubbers workhorses in mold making. Performence, shrink free and lasting for casting concrete, resins etc.

PU-Resins odorless, easy to mix and poor, to meet any modelling, prototyping, design or industrial challenge.

PU-Foams flexible & rigid polyurethane foams with different qualities for various applications as support or final result

Epoxy Resins & Adhesives laminating resins, casting and brushable resins, epoxy putty and adhesives etc.

Latex & Foam Latex Latex rubber, Foam Latex, Neoprene, latex pigments, paints and accessoires.

Clear Casting & Coating Products clear casting resins, polyester, epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones - both flexible and rigid

Composites Polyester laminating resins, castin resins, gelcoat, putty's, paste's, reiforcement and accessoires.

AcrylCast a mineral and polymer based AcrylCast molding and casting system is strong and economical.

Gypsum & Cement plasters, bandage for casting and (back-up) molds, etc.

EZ Spray Products is a spraysystem for rubbers, plastics and foams. Saves time & labor costs over hand-application methods

Prince August materials and tools for casting metals, making moulds, to create figures and many other creations.

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Lifecasting lifecasting aplications: alginate's, silicones and plaster bandages.

Molding flexible and rigid molding for all sorts of objects.

Casting a wide range of flexible and rigid casting materials.

Clear Products translucent or transparant rubbers and plastics.

Foam expanding flexible and rigid foams, rigid blocks.

Restoration restoring in- and exterior ornaments and buildings.

Metal / Stone / Wood Fillers cold castings and other fillers; plastic and metal powders.

Brushable Plastics & Coatings can be brushed on sculpted styrene or polyurethane foam.

Composites resins, poyester, epoxy, acrylic resin, glass fibres etc.

Epoxy Modelling putties that work like clay but get stone-hard without firing.

Performance Resins used for a variety of projects, but mainly used for industrial (design) applications.

Semi Rigids semi-rigid plastics with excellent impact resistance.

Support Shells for mother molds and function wellas support shell.

Prototyping resins and other materials used for rapid prototyping.

Textile Paverpol is a unique textile hardener. It offers you endless possibilities to shape your creativi...

Cosplay Products to make your own Cosplay Costumes and Props!

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