PU-Flexible Foams & PU-Rigid Foams for various applications.

Polyurethane foams can be adapted to solve challenging problems, to be molded into unusual shapes and to enhance industrial and consumer products, or help you realise your artworks and design objects.

rigid foam overview tabel

Product   Density Expansion
PU-Foam Fill   40 kg/m3 25x
Foam-it 3   48 kg/m3 18x
Foam-it 5   80 kg/m3 10x
Foam-it 8   130 kg/m3 8x
Foam-it 10   160 kg/m3 6x
Foam-it 15   240 kg/m3 4x

Flex Foam-iT Tabel

Product Density Expansion
FlexFoamiT III ca 48 kg/m3 18x
E-60 ca 60 kg/m3 20x
FlexFoamiT V ca 80 kg/m3 10x
FlexFoamiT X ca 160 kg/m3 6x
FlexFoamiT 17 ca 272 kg/m3 3,5x
FlexFoamiT 25 ca 550 kg/m3 2,5x
FlexFoamiT 4 ca 91 kg/m3 10x
FlexFoamiT 6 ca 91 kg/m3 10x
FlexFoamiT VIII ca 138 kg/m3 8x

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