PU casting resins


Odorless, easy to mix, easy to poor. These resins will help you to meet any modelling, prototyping, scening or industrial challenge.

PU-resins products

FormCast Rhino is a premium PU casting resin for a good price.

FormCast Burro Our Formcast Burro is an economic version of our popular FormCast Rhino

Crystal Clear Series are transparant and made specifically for applications that require absolute clarity.

Smooth-Cast 300 series easy to pour, bright white casting resins that offer the convenience of a one to one mix ratio.

Smooth-Cast 325 series neutral color resins, ideal for pigmenting or create marble, wood-grain, bronze and other effects.

Smooth-Cast 385 is a mineral filled urethane casting resin with great durability

Smooth-Cast 45D, 60D, 65D, 66D semi-rigids to make high-impact resistant and abrasion resistant tools like vibration pads.

Smooth-Cast Onyx deep black, solid plastic with shore 80D. Offers higher physical properties and heat resistance.

Feather-Lite floats in water because of its low density. Used for sculptures, fishing lures, prototyping etc.

Task series - PU Performance Resins low viscosity, high tensile, flexural strength, a high flexural modulus

Shell-Shock self-thickening, pu-based resin that can be brushed. It's solvent free so it can be used on styrene.

Plasti Paste fiber-filled resin for vertical surfaces. For mother molds, support shells and laminating.

Smash Plastic SMASH! plastic is a water clear resin that shatters like glass. It can be cast solid or in thi sections

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