Dragon Skin 10 fast /0,9 kgs

Dragon Skin® 10 FAST

Dragon Skin Q pint unit 0,94 kg. Quiker version of Dragon Skin. Skin-like translucent silicone, Easily pigmented, shore hardness of A10 8 min. working time and 90 min. demold.


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Dragon Skin Can be used with:

Thi-Vex / 30ml thickening agent for tin and platinum catalized silicones. Turnes a pourable silicone into a brushable one.

Slacker /500ml for platinum cure silicones. Addes to Dragon Skin or Ecoflex silicone, silicone gels can be created.

Plat Cat /450gr an accellerator for platinum curing silicones. You need only a little for a good result.

FFX S-series FISC (Functional Intrinsic Skin Colors) are the fundamental basis of all human skin tones.

Silcpig pigments are Smooth-On's strong and densely pigmented colorants for silicones. Just a few drops will do.

Siltone pigments FormX's own brand of colorants for platinum silicones.

Ignite Tints these fuoricent colors that can be used in both silicones as well as polyurethane products.

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