Dragon Skin 10 fast /0,9 kgs

Dragon Skin® 10 FAST

Dragon Skin Q pint unit 0,94 kg. Quiker version of Dragon Skin. Skin-like translucent silicone, Easily pigmented, shore hardness of A10 8 min. working time and 90 min. demold.


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Dragon Skin Can be used with:

Thi-Vex / 30ml thickening agent for tin and platinum catalized silicones. Turnes a pourable silicone into a brushable one.

Slacker /500ml for platinum cure silicones. Addes to Dragon Skin or Ecoflex silicone, silicone gels can be created.

Plat Cat /450gr an accellerator for platinum curing silicones. You need only a little for a good result.

FFX S-series FISC (Functional Intrinsic Skin Colors) are the fundamental basis of all human skin tones.

Silcpig pigments are Smooth-On's strong and densely pigmented colorants for silicones. Just a few drops will do.

Siltone pigments FormX's own brand of colorants for platinum silicones is a budget friendly pigment

Ignite Tints these fuoricent colors that can be used in both silicones as well as polyurethane products.

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