Fuse FX series

Fuse FX silicone paints & pigments

FuseFX produced a painting system that is simple and easy to use, achieving perfect tones, hue and color depth. Using FuseFX Platinum Silicone Paint, nearly every skin color can be duplicated, bringing you the simplest way to replicate the look of human skin.

These paints and pigments are for use on SILICONE SURFACES ONLY and should not be used directly on skin

- Layering colors to give your silicone skins more depth.
- The "Medical"series for creating ultra-realistic skintones.
- FuseFXTM - S-300 FISC Silicone Pigments (functional intrinsic skin colors) are the fundamentals of human skin tones.
- The BC- series are approved by Surgeons as being precise organ colors.

Fuse FX series products

FFX kits convenient kits so you have a broad selection of colors for diffrent uses.

FFX LY-series layering colors to give your silicone skins more depth.

FFX M-series "Medical" series of paints for creating ultra-realistic skintones.

FFX F-series silicone paints developed for special effects; has a higher pigment content than the M series.

FFX S-series FISC (Functional Intrinsic Skin Colors) are the fundamental basis of all human skin tones.

FFX BC-series have been approved by Surgeons as being very precise organ colors.

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