Skin Tite Wound Kit

Skin Tite® Ultimate Wound Kit

The Ultimate Wound Kit includes everything you need to create highly realistic wounds directly on the skin fast. Ideal for moulage and casualty simulation on actors, standardized patients and mannequins. Also suitable for theatrical and movie make-up applications, and Halloween special effects. This kit contains all the supplies needed to make simulated trauma scars, open wounds, burns, cuts, infections, and more.

Skin Tite® silicone can be applied directly to the skin or onto a training mannequin, or into a plastic plate mold to make silicone wound appliances. Cured Skin Tite® is strong and will bend and flex with natural body movement made by actor's standardized patients.

The Ultimate Wound Kit includes:
Skin Tite® Silicone
Thi-Vex® Thickening Agent
Silc Pig® Pigment
Rubber Glass®
Mixing Sticks & Cups
Step-By-Step How-To Guide
The included step-by-step DVD instructions will guide you through the process.


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