SFX Prosthetic Adhesives & Solvents

Make-up Adhesives & Solvents

SFX Prosthetic Adhesives & Solvents

Make-Up Adhesives & Solvents

Pros-Aide cosmetic adhesive acrylic water-based adhesive for bonding prosthetics to skin and creating lasting colors

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Telesis cosmetic adhesive silicone-based prosthetic adhesive with superior qualities and adhesion.

ProTac Acrylic Emulsion Adhesive acrylic adhesive to adhere latex, foam latex and gelatin prosthetics. Appliances will stay on for hours.

Cosmetic Adhesives and more a variety of silicone, spirit and waterbased adhesives

Removers & Solvents for removing prosthetic glues and make-up from skin & solvents like isopropyle alcohol.

Derma-Tac Silicone Adhesive Derma-tac silicone prosthetic adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive designed for temporarily...


Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner - Environmentally Friendly- Cleans, Conditions and Disinfects.

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