Skin Illustrator FormX FX Palette

The Skin Illustrator FormX Effects palette is the perfect tool for coloring silicone prosthetics. With the carefully selected colors in this palette you are able to recreate almost any illness, trauma or character make-up that exists.
Use it to color Silicone, gelatine, Pros-Aide or Foam Latex prosthetics with washes of pigment to get ultra-realistic results.
Combine the "FormX Effects" palette with the "FormX Flesh" Pallette and you got the perfect pair of on-set palettes to put in your set bag; no need for any others! If you only going to buy two palletes this is one of them.

Colors include:
Redrum, Aged Blood, Capilary, Bruise Tone, Lividity,
Prime Yellow, Darth Moss, Veintone, Ultra Blue and Black


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