Special Effects Lab

The Special Effects Lab - Anything you'll need to create Special Make-Up in your 'Lab" such as Prosthetic Silicones, Foam Latex, Dental Products, Gelatin, Bald Cap Plastics, pre-made molds and much, much more.

Prosthetic Silicones Silicones, Gelatins and specialty foams for making theatrical prostetics

Monster Makers an extensive range of high quality foam-latex, Monster Clay, accesories and additives

Dental our line of dental materials are hand-picked to give you anything you need to make custom fangs and crazy dentures.

PTM - Prosthetic Transfer Material, named after it's signature product. Why overcomplicate things we thought.

Starter Kits these kits will get you started and contain everything you need in one complete package.

Silicone Paints & Pigments paints, pigments, flock, fillers etc. to color silicones, PU-resins, PU-rubbers etc.

Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol

Neill's Materials Neill Gorton's favourite products from molding & casting, prosthetics & make-up effects and sculpture supplies.

Cap Plastic - Encapsulators Cap Plastic and Encapsulators to make Bald Caps and to encapsulate silicone prosthetics

Stamps & Molds readymade molds for wounds, scars and other trauma effects. Stamps for texturing on skin material.

Break Away Glass Break away plastics and rubbers...