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Head Armatures – Deluxe

Our new range of head armatures are the perfect basis on which to do sculptures of masks. Taken from a lifecast it retains many fine details and features such as the ears which are a great reference when doing a sculpture.

It has been adapted with a slightly elongated neck to counter shrinkage when casting masks in latex. The mouth has been set in a slightly open position making it easier to model the lips. As they are slightly parted it’s easier to mould with a touch-down in the lip area making it better when producing silicone masks that require a core.

Our head armature also differs from others on the market in that it’s cast with a polyurethane resin skin backed up with a dense polyurethane foam. This provides a tough surface which can be used repeatedly and is less likely to suffer wear and tear from your sculpture tools and during mould making. Having this resin surface means it can be incorporated as the core part of your mould when making silicone masks or prosthetics.

It’s very light weight but still very strong however it is hollow cast so can be back filled easily with plaster to make it heavier if required. The cast retains the ears as we find its preferable to have the option to work with or without them. It is however easy to remove them and adapt the head form to your particular needs.

If you are modelling a prosthetic face we have a corresponding product in the generic face armature. This has been produced from the same life-cast making it possible to create a prosthetic cowl on the head armature and a face sculpture on the face armature that you know will work well together.

Head circumference across brow 23 1/2 inches or 60cm (approx.)

Neck circumference 15 inches or 38 cm (approx.)

Ear to ear across top of head 13 inches or 33cm (approx.)

Overall height 18 1/2 inches or 47cm (approx.)

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