Complete Silicone FX kit

In our "Complete Silicone FX Kit" is everything you need to make silicone prostheses, silicone Dragon Skin FX and silicone Body Parts. You can make molds and cast the FX silicone. Tutorials and technical information. Includes: Siltone Light (30 gr.), Siltone medium (30 gr)., Siltone Mauve (30 gr.), Siltone Tan (30 gr.), Siltone Blush (30 gr.), Siltone Vein (30 gr.), Siltone Fresh Blood (30 gr.) Siltone Old Blood (30 gr.), Dragon SKin FX Pro Pint Unit (940 gr.), Slacker Silicone Softner (450 gr.), FormFlock Red (5 gr.), Sonite Wax (100 gr.), Slaphead Encapsulator (120 ml.), Pros-Aide Adhesive (60 ml.), FormGel Light (60 gr.), Life Casting Alginate (500 gr.), Psycho Paint Silicone Paint Base (225 gr.), Super Solve Adhesive Remover (225 gr.) and mixing and measuring materials.


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