Greg Gannom Collection Glazing Gel Kit

The SKIN ILLUSTRATOR GLAZING SPRAYS are the airbrush companions to the Glazing Gels. This Kit "The Cannom Collection" is the ultimate kit of colors used and selected by acclaimed make-up artist Greg Cannom. It contains the colors Character 2, Fawn, SunBurn 1, Red 3, Character 1 and Sabel.

"I Haven't been this excited about a product in a long time. The Skin Illustrator Glazing Sprays Blend seamlessly with other products and they are great for using around the eyes and other sensitive areas of the face. With such a wide range of color, the Glazing Sprays help me create fantastic make-ups in any style. Character 1 is my favorite color - I use it for everything!"

- Greg Cannom - Three time academy award winning makeup artist


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