Aqua Cream /240ml

aqua-cream is a unique lotion with two important uses for the makeup professional.Hands - As a makeup professional your hands take a beating. Constant washing and contact with chemical materials are rough on your hands. aqua-cream can help! By using it often your hands will feel smooth and soft. And, with regular use, you'll find that adhesives and colors are easier to remove from your hands due to aqua-cream's unique film-forming nature. To use, wash hands and dry. Apply aqua-cream generously and spread evenly. Do not rub in! Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Then see how great your hands can feel!Face and Skin - Just like on hands, aqua-cream is great for an actor's face both before and after applying Pros-Aide and other makeup materials. It will not only make skin smooth and soft but it allows for easier adhesive and makeup removal due to the film-forming attribute which helps to prevent deep penetration into pores. Use it just like on hands. Spread evenly, rinse and pat dry.aqua-cream - just what you need for your hands and their skin.

Bottle 240 ml.


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