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Paint spray mask Colad

COLAD spray mask is a disposable mask with two active carbon cartridges that protect against the inhalation of organic solvents. The COLAD spray mask should be replaced after 40 hours by a new spray mask.

The advantage of the regular replacement of the spray masks is that the new spray mask again offers the full protection because the spray mask is clean and also agree hygienic. So no time wasted changing filters, no loose inventories and always hygienic!

Some characteristics of the COLAD disposable spray mask:

Convenient adjustable neck closure and headbands.
The COLAD spray mask comes with built-in active carbon cartridges A1 and COLAD pre-filters P2. These cannot be replaced.
Meets the highest standards of personal safety (UNE-EN 140 half face masks and quarter-face masks)
CE certified.
Packaging: airtight, resealable bag.

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29,25 EUR

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