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Special offer 2

Special offer on FormSil silicones !!

With our FormSil series silicones we offer affordable solutions with a good price/quality ratio. Now profit from this special silicone Deal

FormSil Silicones

FormSil 25 Pro /1kg Set FormSil 25 Pro is a powerful, shore 25A tin-curable silicone rubber to create strong and durable molds. Can be cast or be thickened with a thickener to a thixotropic mass for brush-up molds. Time of a ... 24,95 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

FormSil 25 Pro /5kg Set FormSil 25 Pro is a powerful, shore 25A tin-curable silicone rubber to create strong and durable molds. Can be cast or be thickened with a thickener to a thixotropic mass for brush-up molds. Time of a ... 99,80 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

video tutorials

Mold Making and Casting Essentials Learn the essential techniques involved in making a rubber mold such as how to properly measure, mix, vacuum degas, and pour silicone and urethane rubber. These videos also demonstrate techniques and ...

Mold Making Mold Making Minute

How to make a brush-on mold Hoe maak ik een mal met strijkrubber. Drie demo video's van een klein beeldhouwwerk en een portre...

Painting your silicone part Painting and coloring your parts made from translucent silicone

Painting a silicone face with FuseFX painting a realistic silicone face with FuseFX M-series paints

Lifecasting Hoe maak ik afvormingen van een levend lichaam


Make-up effects A selection of special effects tutorials withFormX products.

Vacuum bagging

Foam skull

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Customer Projects

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Anything is Possible Onder het viaduct van de Groesbeekdreef in Amsterdam staan 6 plassende mannen: zelfportretten van...

Concr3te When the brothers Ernst and Mark Udink worked in building construction years ago they became awar...

DDT DDT is an Oscar winning team of make-up effects artists that is based in Barcelona, Spain

Gadget "Lion" Juan Serrano of Gadget Effectos Especiales made this amazing animatronic lion

Gadget "Shrunken Head" Juan Serrano of Gadget Effectos Especiales made this "Shrunken Head" with materials from FormX

Gadget "Zombie" Scary Zombie make-up from Juan Serrano from Gadget Effectos Especiales

Gecco "Human" Gecco Tridimensionals made these hyper-realistic proto humans for a museum

Gecco "Museum" Gecco Tridimensionals made these statues for a museum

Henk Visser Fine Artist, moldmaker and long-time customer of FormX made use of FormX rubbers and plastic for this massive undertaking.

Hortas "Breast" Alberto Hortas created this hyper-realistic silicone prosthetic out of FormX silicones

Hortas "Conejo" Alberto Hortas created this nightmarish rabbit out of FormX materials

Hortas "Pastor" Alberto Hortas creates puppets, theatre and film effects with various products

Jonas & Friends Jonas & Friends are performers who craft their own wonderfull costumes and use a lot of FormX materials for this.

Kelatow FX Kelatow FX makes Special Make-Up Effects and Props for movie, television and stage industry in the Netherlands.

Monica Parres Monica Pares makes life like babies out of Smooth-On silicone rubbers

Nacho Carbonell Industrieel ontwerper Nacho Carbonell staat bekend om zijn innovatieve ontwerpen van o.a. zitmeub...

Pannaus Props A self-taught italian prop making duo, Pannaus Props makes replica props, turns original designs into live objects and works on commission about almost anything. Working full-time as prop makers since ...

Quagga Quagga Biological Wildlife Modelmaker

Feel free to join our Gallery

If you have a nice project to show in which our materials played an important role, you are welcome to join our gallery. Please send your pictures and a description of your project and the materials used to

workshops & seminars

Unreal Special Make-Up effects Hands-On workshops for beginners and professionals alike. Unreal is sharing it's vast experience with productions like "the Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" with you !

Studio Anthony Sgard workshops mallen maken en kunststoffen Atelier Anthony Sgard nodigt professionele kunstenaars, ontwerpers en academiestudenten uit zich aan te melden voor een workshop mallen maken en kunststoffen' onder leiding van Anthony Sgard.

Atelier Marianne v.d. Kooij In deze workshop leer je: - het delen van het object in lossende segmenten, - het aanbrengen van giet- en ontluchtingskanalen, - het verwerken en opbrengen van rubber, - steunmallen maken van gips, Met als doel: - het gieten van een wasmodel voor een beeld in brons. - en de mogelijkheid een beeld in cement of kunsthars te gieten.

Kelatow FX Lawrence Kelatow is an experianced Special Make-Up professional who will happily introduce you to the secrets of special effects and special make-up creation.