Large Objects and hollow casting

Rotational casting of plastics yield hollow, lightweight but strong bodies.

PU-resins suitable for large objects

Crystal Clear 204 Crystal Clear 204 is a water clear Pu-resin that is suitable for casting larger objects.

Crystal Clear 220 Crystal Clear 220

Smooth-Cast 310 Smooth-Cast 310

Task 15 TASK® 15 is a premium performance urethane resin that exhibits exceptional impact strength when cast in thin-wall sections.

Composites Polyester laminating resins, castin resins, gelcoat, putty's, paste's, reiforcement and accessoires.

Epoxy Laminating Resins easy-to-use liquid epoxy for many uses. Low viscosity, odorless and cures at room temperature.

Semi Rigids suitable for large objects

Smooth-Cast 66D Smooth-Cast 66D ® is a low viscosity liquid plastic that gradually becomes thicker, making it ideal for rotational casting applications. it's slower than the 65D and thus handier for lager surfaces

Task 16 TASK®16 is a low odor, fast-setting Shore 80A/30D urethane that offers very high tear strength, impact resistance and wear resistance.

Mineral suitable for large objects

AcrylCast a mineral and polymer based AcrylCast molding and casting system is strong and economical.

Forton MG Products is a four component system used to make lightweight pieces that are very strong and water-resistant.