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Concrete Glazes

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Concrete Glazes

Glazes are a water based coloring treatment for use on cured concrete. They achieve the desired appearance with nano sized pigment particles that penetrate deeply into the concrete surface. The carrier reacts with the concrete to lock in the particles. Glazes can be used in a multitude of ways, producing subtle tints or dramatic color variation. See Glazes section for tips and tricks, application methods, and dilution rates.

Available in a wide color range, these colors can be blended together to produce a wide array of shades.

Glazes are UV stable, and do not contain acids, metal salts, or acetone.

Glazes 110gr

Glazes 110gr

  • Glaze - sample kit

    Glaze - sample kit

    130,41 EUR

  • Glaze Black /110 gr

    Glaze Black /4oz

    29,57 EUR

  • Glaze Blue /110 gr

    Glaze Blue /4oz

    24,14 EUR

  • Glaze Bright Red /110 gr

    Glaze Bright Red /4oz

    24,14 EUR

  • Glaze green /110 gr

    Glaze green /4oz

    24,14 EUR

  • Glaze leather /110 gr

    Glaze leather /4oz

    24,14 EUR

  • Glaze Magenta /110 gr

    Glaze Magenta /4oz

    24,14 EUR

  • Glaze Maple /110 gr

    Glaze Maple /4oz

    26,50 EUR

  • Glaze Olive /110 gr

    Glaze Olive /4oz

    24,14 EUR

  • Glaze Umber /110 gr

    Glaze Umber /4oz

    24,14 EUR

  • Glaze white /110 gr

    Glaze white /4oz

    24,14 EUR

  • Glaze yellow /110 gr

    Glaze yellow /4oz

    24,14 EUR

Glazes 0,91kg

Glazes 0,91kg

  • Glaze black /0,91 kg

    Glaze black /0,91 kg

    68,61 EUR

  • Glaze Blue /0,91 kg

    Glaze Blue /0,91 kg

    56,33 EUR

  • Glaze Bright Red /0,91 kg

    Glaze Bright red /0,91 kg

    56,33 EUR

  • Glaze Green /0,91 kg

    Glaze Green /0,91 kg

    56,33 EUR

  • Glaze Leather /0,91 kg

    Glaze Leather /0,91 kg

    56,33 EUR

  • Glaze Maple /0,91 kg

    Glaze Maple /0,91 kg

    56,33 EUR

  • Glaze Olive /0,91 kg

    Glaze Olive /0,91 kg

    56,33 EUR

  • Glaze Umber /0,91 kg

    Glaze Umber /0,91 kg

    56,33 EUR

  • Glaze White /0,91 kg

    Glaze White /0,91 kg

    71,92 EUR

  • Glaze Yellow /0,91 kg

    Glaze Yellow /0,91 kg

    56,33 EUR

Glazes 3,74kg

Glazes 3,74kg

  • Glaze Black /3,74 kg

    Glaze Black /3,74 kg

    201,89 EUR

  • Glaze Leather /3,74 kg

    Glaze Leather /3,74 kg

    201,89 EUR

  • Glaze Maple /3,74 kg

    Glaze Maple /3,74 kg

    201,89 EUR


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