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Vallejo Primers and Laquer

Discover our selection, of primer, and laquer , to start and finish your project in the best condition.

With proper use, the Vallejo Primer will leave a very thin layer of the undercoat on your project. Due to the fast drying character of the primer it is ideal to paint over.

Beware! Flammable. The solvents used do not contain CFC or toluene.

Vallejo Varnish

Vallejo Varnish

  • Matte Spraycan /400 ml

    Laquer Matte Spraycan /400 ml

    11,62 EUR

  • Satin Spraycan /400 ml

    Laquer Satin Spraycan /400 ml

    11,62 EUR

Surface Primer

Surface Primer

  • Surface Primer Grey /17 ml

    VAL 70601

    3,68 EUR

  • Surface Primer Grey /200ml

    VAL 74601

    14,40 EUR

Surface primer spraycan

Surface Primer Spraycan

  • Primer Black Spraycan /400 ml

    Primer Black Spraycan /400 ml

    11,62 EUR

  • Primer Grey Spraycan /400 ml

    Primer Grey Spraycan /400 ml

    11,62 EUR

  • Primer White Spraycan /400 ml

    Primer White Spraycan /400 ml

    11,62 EUR

MetalColor Primer& Varnish

MetalColor Primer& Varnish

  • Gloss Metal Varnish /32ml

    VAL 77657

    5,04 EUR

  • Gloss Black Primer /32ml

    VAL 77660

    5,04 EUR


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