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Chavant Y2K

Sulfur-free, low odor, lightweight industrial design clay

Y2K Clay

  • Y2Klay stick /0,9kg

    high melting point and low weight, for industrial applications.

    18,38 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

Y2Klay info

This dark brown, hard styling clay can be used to create accurate prototypes and patterns. Y2-Klay is workable at 57°C (135°F) and is hard at or below room temperature. The sulfur-free, low odor formula of Y2-Klay makes for a better working environment, and is 30%-40% lighter than other industrial styling clay; making the models easier to move and handle. Resistant to shrinking and cracking, Y2-Klay holds excellent surface detail and can be milled or shaped with tools.

Final clay forms made with Y2-Klay can be used as a plug, impression mold, or as a male or female mold. In order to use Y2-Klay as a mold-making material, the clay surface needs to be primed or top coated. To prepare the clay surface, spray 3 mist coats of PVA directly onto the clay. After the PVA has dried into a film, #1041 Duratec Gray Surfacing Primer or Tooling Gel Coat can be sprayed over the PVA to obtain a proper mold surface.
*Note: If Y2-Klay is used as a mold-making material, the original clay form will likely be destroyed.

Full boxes - 10% discount

Buy your Chavant Plastilene per full box of 20 pcs and enjoy a 10% discount on our per block price !

20 x 0,94 kg blocks in a full box of Chavant


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