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SORTA-Clear™ Series Platinum Cure Silicone

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Smooth-On is one of the worlds leading manufaturers 3D modeling materials such as mold-making, casting and special effects materials but also industrial casting resins, adhesives and equipment. FormX is main distributor of Smooth-On products in Europe.

SORTA-Clear™ Series rubbers are premium water white translucent silicone rubbers (platinum catalyst) which cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Available in Shore 18A, 37A and 40A hardness, these rubbers feature high tensile and tear strength. SORTA-Clear™ 37 offers the convenience of a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio. The 18A and 40A products require a gram scale for measuring parts A + B.

SORTA-Clear™ silicones are ideal for making prototype, jewelry or other molds of any configuration where model visibility is important (i.e. extracting a model from the mold via cutting). Materials such as urethane, epoxy or polyester resins can then be cast into SORTA-Clear™ silicone without application of a release agent. Other materials such as wax and low melt metal alloys can also be cast into SORTA-Clear™. SORTA-Clear™ can be pigmented with SILC Pig® silicone pigments.

Technical bulletin Sorta Clear series

SORTA-Clear ™ Food safe

Sorta Clear Products (Food Safe)

  • SORTA-Clear™ 18 /1 kg

    Shore A18 | cure time 24h

    57,12 EUR

  • SORTA Clear™ 18 /4,49 kg

    Shore A18 | cure time 24h

    208,00 EUR

  • SORTA Clear™ 37 /0,91 kg

    Shore A37 | cure time 4h

    57,95 EUR

  • SORTA-Clear™ 37 / 7,26 kg

    Shore A37 | cure time 4h

    381,25 EUR

  • SORTA-Clear™ 40 /1 kg

    Shore A40 | cure time 16H

    65,74 EUR

  • SORTA-Clear™ 40 /4,5 kg

    Shore A40 | cure time 16H

    236,33 EUR

Food Grade Silicones

Processing Smooth-Sil™ 940, 950 and 960 the SORTA-Clear™ 18 - 37 & 40 and the Equinox™ Series of Rubbers for Food Related Applications

Processing Instructions

Some Smooth-On Platinum Silicones are certified safe for food contact. Smooth-Sil™ 940,950 and 960 the SORTA-Clear™ 18 - 37 & 40 and the Equinox™ Series are suitable for making baking molds and trays, ice trays, casting butter, chocolate and other applications used to produce foods. These materials have been tested by an independent laboratory to comply with the total extractive limits when properly processed and heat cured. Refer to the technical bulletins for these materials for proper processing instructions (available at Post cure requirement - After rubber mold has been allowed to cure for 24 hours, expose to oven heat at 100° C for 4 hours. Let cool and wash mold cavity thoroughly with dishwashing detergent/water solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow drying before using. Compliance - The ingredients and ingredient levels in Smooth-Sil™ 940,950 and 960 the SORTA-Clear™ 18 - 37 & 40 and the Equinox™ Series Series comply with 21 CFR 177.2600, rubber articles for repeated use subject to the total extractive limits as specified and published in the Code of Federal Regulations. FDA compliance does not mean that Smooth-Sil™ 940,950 and 960 the SORTA-Clear™ 18 - 37 & 40 and the Equinox™ Series are FDA approved. To be approved, the user must also comply with all applicable FDA requirements. Compliance with 21 CFR 177.2600 does not authorize use of the compound for the manufacture of baby bottle nipples.

Using Mold For Baking

• Place mold on a baking sheet for greater stability and handling.
• Do not expose rubber to temperatures above 204° C.
• Do not subject molds to the broiler.
• Silicone rubber does not distribute heat evenly. Food in shallow molds will bake faster vs. deep draft molds. Thick sections will retain heat longer than thin sections. Check frequently for doneness on first use
• Clean molds with soapy warm water and a soft sponge and rinse thoroughly between batches or prior to storing. You can dry the mold quickly in an oven. Bake for 5 minutes at 150°C.

SORTA-Clear ™ Non food safe

SORTA-Clear ™ Products (non food safe)

  • SORTA-Clear ™ 12 /0,94 kg

    Shore A12 | cure time 12h

    50,52 EUR

  • SORTA-Clear™ 12 /7,26 kg

    Shore A12 | cure time 12h

    335,25 EUR



Sorta Clear silicones can be pigmented, accellerated, thinned. The following accessoires can be used with Sorta Clear Silicones (click on he next tab's)



For platinum silicones

  • Plat-Cat™ /0,45 kg

    Plat-Cat™ /0,45 kg

    62,71 EUR

For platinum silicones

  • Plat-Cat™ /3,63 kg

    Plat-Cat™ /3,63 kg

    402,52 EUR



  • SLO-JO™ /0,45 kg

    designed to extend the pot life (working time)

    23,98 EUR



  • Silicone Thinner™ /0,41 kg

    Lower the mixed viscosity

    13,87 EUR

  • Silicone Thinner™ /3,63 kg

    Lower the mixed viscosity

    80,67 EUR

  • Slacker™ /0,45 kg

    Slacker™ /0,45 kg

    21,55 EUR

  • Slacker™ /3,63 kg

    Slacker™ /3,63 kg

    162,03 EUR

  • NOVOCS™ Matte /0,34 kg

    Silicone solvents - Matte Finish

    55,41 EUR

  • NOVOCS™ Matte /2,72 kg

    Silicone solvents - Matte Finish

  • Novocs™ Gloss /0,34kg

    Silicone solvents - Gloss Finish

    55,41 EUR


You might also need...

  • Mixing Beakers
  • Measuring Cups & Jars
  • Weighting devices
  • Brushes
  • Protective Gear such as gloves
  • Release agents
Mixing, Measuring & Weighting

Mixing, Measuring & Weighing


  • Measuring Cup /30ml

    Measuring Cup /1oz

    0,19 EUR

  • Measuring cup /125ml

    Measuring cup /4oz

    0,48 EUR

  • mixing / measuring cup 350 ml

    Mixing and measuring beaker

    0,57 EUR

  • mixing / measuring cup 700 ml

    Mixing and measuring beaker

    0,63 EUR

  • mixing / measuring cup 1400 ml

    Mixing and measuring beaker

    0,80 EUR

  • mixing / measuring cup 2300 ml

    Mixing and measuring beaker

    1,46 EUR

  • SO mixing cup /473ml

    SO mixing cup /16oz

    1,04 EUR


  • SO mixing cup /946ml

    SO mixing cup /32oz

    1,09 EUR

  • SO mixing cup /1892ml

    SO mixing cup /64oz

    2,84 EUR

  • SO mixing cup /4880ml

    SO mixing cup /165oz

    3,35 EUR

  • Mixing beaker round

    500 cc contents

    0,25 EUR

  • mixing beaker 1000cc

    plastic mixing beaker 1162 ml

    0,64 EUR

  • Mixing Bowl 2000 ml

    180x180 mm - 2000 cc

    0,91 EUR

  • Flexible mixing cup 500ml

    Flexible mixing bow

    8,05 EUR


  • Flexible mixing cup 1750ml

    Flexible mixing bowl

    19,34 EUR

  • Syrenge 50ml

    Syringe 50 cc with catheter nozzle.

    5,76 EUR

  • Wooden tongue spatula

    Mixing, resins, foams & rubbers.

    3,42 EUR

  • stirring stick 22cm

    220x17x3 mm

    0,05 EUR

  • stirring stick 30cm

    strong stirring stick

    0,24 EUR

  • Colad Turbomix /per 200

    Paint stirrers stirrers in dispenser.

    61,38 EUR

  • Turbine Mixer

    For use with electrical drill

    17,70 EUR



  • flat brush 30mm

    flat disposable brushes

    0,80 EUR

  • flat brush 40mm

    flat disposable brushes

    0,92 EUR

  • flat brush 50mm

    flat disposable brushes

    1,39 EUR

  • flat brush 60mm

    flat disposable brushes

    1,38 EUR

  • flat brush 70mm

    flat disposable brushes

    1,39 EUR

  • Calupaint flat brush 40mm

    Calupaint flat brush

    2,60 EUR

  • brush 40mm, wooden handle

    Brush, flat, 40mm, wooden handle.

    2,84 EUR

  • polyesterkwast 20mm

    polyester brush 20mm round

    3,09 EUR

  • polyesterkwast 25mm

    polyester brush 25mm round

    3,51 EUR

  • polyesterkwast 35mm

    polyesterkwast 35mm

    2,21 EUR

  • polyesterkwast 50mm

    polyesterkwast 50mm

    3,46 EUR

  • Polyester kwast plat 75mm

    Polyester brush, Flat, 75 mm

    3,33 EUR

Protective Gear

Protective Gear

  • 3M safety glasses Classic

    3M safety glasses Classic

    15,19 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile XL

    Glove Nitrile XL

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile M

    Glove Nitrile M

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile L

    Glove Nitrile L

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile S

    Glove Nitrile S

    11,01 EUR

  • Paint spray mask Colad

    Complet easy to wear paint spray mask.

  • Filter ABEK1

    For 3M 6200 maskers

    36,87 EUR

  • Stenchmask carbon fibre

    Stenchmask carbon fibre

    5,41 EUR

  • 3M 06941 Halfgelaatmasker


    50,53 EUR

Release Agents

Release Agents

Spray Releases

  • Safety Info Acmos

  • Acmos 82 aerosol /400gr

    Removable universal release agent/ wax based / aerosol spraycan

    20,63 EUR

  • Ease Release™ 200 /340 gr

    Ease Release™ 200 /340 gr

    21,16 EUR

  • Ease Release™ 300 /340 gr

    Ease Release™ 300 /340 gr

    20,24 EUR

Spray Releases

Spray Releases


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  • Restoration

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