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Set times of all Jesmonite composite materials can be extended by the addition of Retarder to increase working time. There is a Retarder for AC100 and a separate Retarder for the cement based materials AC730.
Please note that the end user should perform tests in the workshop environment, as extremes of temperature and humidity can effect set times. Addition rates can be found in the individual composite user guides.

Thixotrope is added so that the viscosity of Jesmonite can be adjusted to the users preference. This is particularly useful when applying a Gel Coat into a mould. By adding Thixotrope it is possible to apply a controlled 1mm – 3mm layer of material without it running off the mould surface. This also prevents glass reinforcements from showing at the face of laminated objects. Thixotrope can also be used to make the material into a paste, which can be used as a repair filler, and jointing paste for bonding two laminates together.

AC100 Additives

  • AC100 Retarder /1kg

    AC100 Retarder /1kg

    12,68 EUR

  • AC100 Retarder /5kg

    51,96 EUR

  • AC100 Thixotrope /1kg

    AC100 Thixotrope /1kg

    30,59 EUR

  • AC100 Thixotrope /5kg

    122,69 EUR

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