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The best Products for your Make-up Projects

Everything you need to create breathtaking make-up effects; we stock anything from alcohol based make-ups to proffesional adhesives and specialty products designed especially for the proffesional and enthusiast alike.

Make-up products

  • Cannom Grease Paint

    Cannom Grease Paint

    or Rubber Mask Grease Paint is a specially formulated for painting latex and foam latex; it does not deteriorate latex-based products as "regular" grease paints do. more

  • Skin Illustrator Palettes

    Skin Illustrator Palettes

    are alcohol activated and create coloration for skin and silicone, foam latex and gelatin prosthetics. more

  • Skin Illustrator Liquid

    Skin Illustrator Liquid

    alcohol activated make-ups to create perfect coloration for skin and silicone, foam latex and gelatin prosthetics. more

  • Skin Illustrator Concentrates

    Skin Illustrator Concentrates

    PPI Skin Illustrator Concentrate - concentrates to refill your palette. Give the bottle a long and mighty shake, pour into the cell that needs refilling, stir and leave overnight ideally, for the a... more

  • Skin Illustrator Singles

    Skin Illustrator Singles

    Our new Skin Illustrator Singles are now available in many of our most popular colors. These large, circular pots are perfect for providing that extra bit of pigment needed to carry out and complet... more

  • Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels

    Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels

    a collection of water based transparent colors which allow you to do bruise and injury work directly onto the skin. Glazing Gels more

  • Skin Illustrator Glazing Spray

    Skin Illustrator Glazing Spray

    The SKIN ILLUSTRATOR GLAZING SPRAYS are the airbrush companions to the Glazing Gels. GLAZING SPRAYS are a collection of water based transparent colors which allow you to do bruise and injury work... more

  • Skin Illustrator Mouth FX

    Skin Illustrator Mouth FX

    Mouth FX is a temporary oral coloration system designed to safely and effectively color the inside of the mouth. Mouth FX contains a sweet vanilla-mint flavor that is made entirely of FDA food gr... more

  • Allied FX (Blue Bird)

    Allied FX (Blue Bird)

    The fastest growing secret in the industry! From years of on-set development comes a range of professional cosmetics like no other; Fast, precise, convenient, durable; BluebirdFX products give yo... more

  • RipperFX Palettes

    RipperFX Palettes

    Ripper FX is Australia's leading Special FX Manufacturer Supplying to Film & TV, Cosplay, Theatre, Moulage & the Public. more

  • Stacolor Palettes

    Stacolor Palettes

    alcohol-activated make-up created by oscor winner Matthew Mungle offering a variety of colors for a lower price. more

  • PAX Paints Thomas Suprenant

    PAX Paints Thomas Suprenant

    Thomas Surprenant PAX Paints more

  • MaqPro Farde Palettes

    MaqPro Farde Palettes

    The MaqPro palettes give the artist a wide selection of colours in a very compact packaging. The new plastic palette is of an almost indestructable plastic that ensures a long life-time without fea... more

  • MaqPro Make-Up Mixer

    MaqPro Make-Up Mixer

    The MAKEUP MIXER is a UNIVERSAL base as it is suitable for all types of skin: dry - oily or normal skin and all skin tones from Nordic white to intense dark. This light emulsion hydrates the ski... more

  • MaqPro Creamy

    MaqPro Creamy

    This is the ultimate product for covering tattoos or other blemishes and discolorations. Other make-up products can be layered on top for ultra-realistic results. Creamy MaqPro is a new product wit... more

  • MaqPro Bruise Gel

    MaqPro Bruise Gel

    Coloured gel to make bruises with. Apply in layers to get the desired effect more

  • Old Age Stipple

    Old Age Stipple

    are latex-based products are used to simulate wrinkles on skin. Works best on skin of persons over 50 years. more

  • Holden's Cosmetic Latex™

    Holden's Cosmetic Latex™

    HX-COSMETIC LATEX™ is a premium grade Natural Liquid Latex product that can be used to create blemishes,burns, cuts, wounds, wrinkles and similar skin effects. more

  • Tattoo Sheets

    Tattoo Sheets

    A selectionof Tattoo design available for your projects more

  • Brushes Make-Up

    Brushes Make-Up

    Bdellium Tools SFX series brushes are professional, eco-friendly makeup brushes built to handle strong dyes and makeup products and create stunning special effects looks. The bristles and brush adh... more

  • Stamps & Molds

    Stamps & Molds

    readymade molds for wounds, scars and other trauma effects. Stamps for texturing on skin material. more

  • Sponges and Applicators

    Sponges and Applicators

    Sponges and Applicators more

  • Head Armatures

    Head Armatures

    The Monster Makers ready made Head Sculpting Busts are reusable head forms that are great for use as bases in creating masks and prosthetics. The can also be used for displays and any other applica... more

  • FormX Tools

    FormX Tools

    quality steel sculpting tools. more

  • Kryolan  Make-Up

    Kryolan Make-Up

    Kryolan is one of Europes oldest most esteblished make-up manufacturing companies. more

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