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Latex Rubber & Foam

Latex & Foam Latex

Latex is a one-component, air-drying, natural base material and has a fast build-up of the material surface with an excellent reproduction of detail and a fast demoulding time.

Our PVS latex is of very good quality. For casting or plastering in plaster molds. For the preparation of masks, film and theater props, masks and theater costumes, prostheses, etc. You can color the latex parts and colour them with paints and pigments.


  • Monstermakers Foam Latex

    Monstermakers Foam Latex

    suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from stop-motion puppets, prosthetic makeu ... more

  • Mask Making Latex

    Mask Making Latex

    Latex rubber specifically designed to use in plaster molds for making latex masks more

  • Mold Making Latex

    Mold Making Latex

    Latex form making molds in high and low viscosity more

  • Holden's Coating/Dipping Latex

    Holden's Coating/Dipping Latex

    HX-200™ Coating/Dipping Latex is a pre-vulcanized, low viscosity liquid that is widely use ... more

  • Holden's Cosmetic/Body Latex

    Holden's Cosmetic/Body Latex

    Specially formulated Cosmetic and Body Latex more

  • Holden's Frisket Mask Latex

    Holden's Frisket Mask Latex

    Holden's HX-Frisket Masking Latex is a removable liquid latex masking fluid. Our frisket i ... more

  • Latex Accessories

    Latex Accessories

    Here you can find Releases, Thickeners and Hardeners for our latex products. more

  • Latex Pigments

    Latex Pigments

    brush or cast on or in a form or mold. Make molds, masks, dolls etc. Paint with latex colo ... more

  • Latex Paint

    Latex Paint

    have a stretchy quality that allows them to bond to the latex and flex without cracking or ... more

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