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Small objects and giftware

Many PU-resins are excellent for casting miniature figurines like game figures, ches piece, dinky toys etc.

  • Rigid Resins
  • Semi Rigids
  • Mineral

PU-resins suitable for small objects

  • SmoothCast 300Q

    SmoothCast 300Q is a very fast setting polyurethane suitable for small objects or for casting directly in alginate molds.

  • Smooth-Cast 300

    Smooth-Cast 300 is a fast setting white resin that is suitable for small to medium sized objects with a fine detail.

  • Smooth-Cast 325

    neutral color resins, ideal for adding color pigments or creating marble, wood-grain, bronze, brass or other effects.

  • Crystal Clear 202

    Crystal Clear 202 is a very fast setting water clear pu-resin that is suitable for casting the smallest objects.

  • Smooth-Cast Onyx

    deep black, solid plastic with shore 80D. Offers higher physical properties and heat resistance.

  • EpoxAcast 690

    EpoxAcast 690

Semi Rigids suitable for small objects

  • Simpact 85A

    fast-setting Shore 85A urethane with high tear strength, impact resistance.

  • Smooth-Cast 65D

    Smooth-Cast 65D ® is a low viscosity liquid plastic that gradually becomes thicker, making it ideal for rotational casting applications.

  • Task 13

    High impact resistance, low cost semi-rigid plastics for durable miniatures, black-colored props, etc...

Mineral suitable for small objects

  • AcrylCast

    a mineral and polymer based AcrylCast molding and casting system is strong and economical.

  • Forton MG Products

    is a four component system used to make lightweight pieces that are very strong and water-resistant.

  • Gypsum & Plaster

    a wide range of qualities and quantities in Bags and buckets.


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