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Ease Release™ 300 /340 gr

Ease Release 300

Ease Release™ 300 (aerosol)is a high performance, production proven release agent formulated for polyurethane elastomers and epoxy resins along with excellent release of polyurethane elastomers and microcellular foams. Ease Release™ 300leaves very little build-up on the molds resulting from isocyanate or epoxy reactions, while maintaining part cleanability with common degreasing solvents.
Cleaned parts molded with Ease Release™ 300 can be painted or bonded. Ease Release™ 300 is effective on all mold surfaces such as steel, aluminum, chrome, epoxy, and RTV urethane and silicone mold materials.

Ease Release™ 300 is easy to apply, fast drying and effective over a broad temperature range from 21°C to 260°C.
Ease Release™ 300 provides excellent release with a glossy finish. Precise duplication of mold details, less mold maintenance and down time which results in greater productivity


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1 - Thoroughly clean your mold with a suitable cleaner to remove all traces of previous coating and oils.
2 - Apply Ease Release 300 using aerosol spray for bulk grades. Hold the can or spray gun 15 to 20 cm from the mold surface to ensure a light even coating. When the molds are new or have been blasted with an abrasive “season” the mold by applying a heavy coating of release. Heat the mold to process temperature, then wipe the excess with a rag and reapply a light coating of Ease Release 300 before regular molding.
3 - Ease Release 300 is fast drying and requires no baking during the normal molding process.
4 - Reapply a light coating before each molding.


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