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Materials for 3D design

Dear customer, at FormX we pride ourselves to know that we are a small part of your creations.

For more than 20 years our team has researched and worked tirelessly to bring you the finest materials to make your ideas matter.

As you know, we are living in an unprecedented, tumultuous time. As the world struggles to bounce back, all industries have to adjust, facing some harsh realities.

One of the domino effects of the pandemic is a worldwide shortage of raw materials. Until now we have managed to absorb all the increased costs from our suppliers. We have the moral responsibility to be on your side. We are all in this together. Some of our products may be temporarily unavailable and some prices are going up.

Our entire team consistently increases the effort to assist you because challenging times bring out the best in us.



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New at FormX

Now in stock

Buddy Rhodes Vertical Mix + RAMP

Buddy Rhodes Vertical Mix™ is an easy-to-use carveable cement-based overlay that is easy to mix and apply onto vertical surfaces for creating various textures by carving, sculpting or stamping. This lightweight, zero slump formula is used for creating themed environments, zoos & aquarium displays, decorative panels and public sculpture. With Buddy Rhodes’ extensive line of pigments, the color possibilities are endless. Buddy Rhodes Glazes can also be applied to the cured concrete to achieve a variety of color effects. Buddy Rhodes offers the only Vertical Mix available that has been tested and certified E-84 Class A flame-resistant.

- Non-Toxic: Animal Friendly, No VOC’s and Water Based
- Flame Rated: Certified to the highest ASTM fire rating; E-84 Class A/1
- Easy to Use & Versatile: Mix, apply, carve and texture quickly over a variety of surfaces; easily - colored with Buddy Rhodes Pigments & Glazes
- Economical: Build large, lightweight, thin structures at a fraction of the cost
- Lightweight: Up to 30% lighter than other concrete mixes with better coverage per bag

See the video below

  • RAMP™ /2,95 kg

    RAMP™ /2,95 kg

    26,45 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

Making a Tree Bark with BR Vertical Mix

also in stock from Skin Illustrator....

  • Blood and Sand Palette

    Blood and Sand Palette / 79,00 EUR


  • On Set FX Palette

    On Set FX Palette / 49,90 EUR


  • On-Set Artful Splodger Duo Palett

    On-Set Artful Splodger Duo Palett / 49,90 EUR


  • Rob Benevides NYU Flesh Tone Palette

    Rob Benevides NYU Flesh Tone Palette / 79,00 EUR


  • Rob Benevides NYU FX Palette

    Rob Benevides NYU FX Palette / 79,00 EUR


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Mayku Formbox

SMOOTH-ON KX Flex™ Series

CosClay Flex Test

Check out our wide range of Make-Up materials

  • Prototyping


    resins and other materials used for rapid prototyping. more

  • Restoration


    restoring in- and exterior ornaments and buildings. more

  • Vacuum Forming Molds

    Vacuum Forming Molds

    Extra hard plastics to make vacuum form models. more

  • Composites


    resins, poyester, epoxy, acrylic resin, glass fibres etc. more

  • Performance Resins

    Performance Resins

    used for a variety of projects, but mainly used for industrial (design) applications. more

  • EZ Spray system

    EZ Spray system

    the EZspray Jr. System is a spraysystem for rubbers, plastics and foams. more

  • Vacuum & Pressure systems

    Vacuum & Pressure systems

    Vacuum and pressure equipment for bubble free castings more

  • Large Objects

    Large Objects

    rotational casting and resins specially developed for large objects. more

  • Prosthetic Silicones

    Prosthetic Silicones

    Silicones, gelatines and foams for making all kinds of theatrical prostetics more

  • Break Away Glass

    Break Away Glass

    urethane liquid plastic designed to shatter/crumble on impact "breakaway glass" more

  • Dental


    medical polymers, laquers, special effects, custom fangs, crazy dentures. more

  • Special Make-Up

    Special Make-Up

    make-up materials, Skin Illustrator, paints, pallettes, liquids, glazes, sheets, etc more

  • Cold Casting

    Cold Casting

    cold castings and other fillers; plastic and metal powders. more

  • Support Shells

    Support Shells

    for mother molds and function wellas support shell. more

  • Brushable


    can be brushed on sculpted styrene or polyurethane foam. more

  • Body Molding

    Body Molding

    lifecasting aplications: alginate's, silicones and plaster bandages. more

  • Blood, Slime, Dirt & FX

    Blood, Slime, Dirt & FX

    theatrical blood, dirt, slime, Fleet Street Blood & Dirt Works, Rob Smith Blood more

  • Molds for Food

    Molds for Food

    Special food grade silicones and plastics. FDA approved. more

  • Epoxy Clays

    Epoxy Clays

    Epoxy is a self-hardening clay. Like liquid resin, two parts are mixed together, beginnin ... more

  • Cosplay


    Products to make your own Cosplay Costumes and Props! more

  • Textile



  • Small Objects

    Small Objects

    PU-resins are excellent for casting miniature figurines like game figures, ches piece, etc ... more

  • Molds for Concrete

    Molds for Concrete

    long lasting rubbers fit for concrete casting and stamping. more

  • Molds for Candle Making

    Molds for Candle Making

    excellent for making molds that are strong, durable and dimensionally stable more

  • Casting Metal Small

    Casting Metal Small


  • PU Foam

    PU Foam

    PU-Flexible Foams & PU-Rigid Foams can be molded into unusual shapes to enhance industrial ... more

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  • Mold Making and Casting Essentials

    Mold Making and Casting Essentials

    Learn the essential techniques involved in making silicone and urethane rubber molds. Thes ... more

  • Mold Making

    Mold Making

    More basic Mold Making Techniques. How to make 1 and 2 piece molds. more

  • How to make a brush-on mold

    How to make a brush-on mold

    How to make a "brush-on" mold. Three video's. Replicating a small sculpture and a portrait ... more

  • Painting your silicone part

    Painting your silicone part


  • Painting a silicone face with FuseFX

    Painting a silicone face with FuseFX

    painting a realistic silicone face with FuseFX M-series paints more

  • Lifecasting


    In this lifecasting tutorial video, we demonstrate lifecasting a head using Body Double Si ... more

  • Sea-life


    custom aquarium design ideas using Smooth-On's aquarium-safe rubbers, plastics and foams. ... more

  • Make-up effects

    Make-up effects


  • Vacuum bagging

    Vacuum bagging

    to learn more about vacuum bagging. Presenting EZ-Spray® Silicone 20; strong, stretchy, la ... more

  • Foam skull

    Foam skull

    Full demo on producing some foam skulls using Smooth-ON Rigid foams. more

  • making masks and gel filled appliances

    making masks and gel filled appliances

    Using Slacker Tactile Mutator to soften or deaden platinum silicone rubber for a more life ... more

Es wurden keine Produkte gefunden, die Ihren Kriterien entsprechen. Wählen Sie andere Filter-Optionen.

*Alle Preise incl. Umsatzsteuer, zuzüglich

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FormX sponsored the TU Delft Ecomotive Design Team to design their Ecomotive Car concept. In this video you see how the Ecomotive team used it to create their progressive car design. Find out more about their project on:



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